Jan 31, 2012

The only thing I've learned while being a pilot

Would this have made the front page? NO.

Anyone remember reading a book?

Puppy found in combat. Then & Now.

Pretty common actually...

Please don't let this be a movie.

My friends at work wanted to say hi...

Well, it explains the resentment.

This is what she was wearing. Almost made me cry.

This is my favorite description of 4chan so far...

Jan 30, 2012

So, I was watching Groundhog day for the 10,000th time when I noticed ...

Jan 29, 2012


Do you have a sad story to tell?

Only a woman


Only a juvenile...

Facebook Pic

Free ride

No Mom...


The office

The State of the Union, ENHANCED

You wanna say that to my face!? (xpost from r/funny)

Kenny? NOPE! Chuck Testa!

Jan 28, 2012

My Day

East Haven Mayor's Tacos

I used to defend orphanages...

The office

What I say when friends ask why I'm not on Facebook

You wanna say that to my face!? (xpost from r/funny)

Jan 27, 2012

SOTU Eric Cantor Fan Club!

Video games at work.


Every time I drive at night

Stephen Hawking on Aliens...Truer words have never been spoken

Meet Omari. Two days ago he returned from the hospital after being hacked in the face by a machete defending an orphanage of 35 children by himself. Think we could raise the $2,000 needed for the remainder of the cement/barbed wire wall to keep both him a

Jan 26, 2012

How copyright law is making me angry today

Lame Joke Eel: Pork Chop

Getting a golden ticket

Jan 25, 2012

A dog and two baby bunnies

A herd of elephants say goodbye to Lola the dead elephant calf at Hellabrunn Zooin Munich, Germany.

They REALLY should have clarified...

Filming Godzilla

Why communication with aliens is difficult.

Bo Burnham


Jan 24, 2012

Duck Face Fight

It's Simple. We Kill the Internet.

What I think of every time I see a "first" post

James has a sextape.