May 31, 2012

Cat Dog love nothing has changed. 6 months in but it's like the first day all over again.

To my good friends in Florida, always remember...

And I can't help but wonder, why is he wearing those god awful socks?

The Appian way, built 2024 years ago, still in regular use today.

And then he never answered the phone again.

Looks like Peter Parker has a cat


My cousin was KIA in Afghanistan a year ago. My dad showed me this picture of him making sure I didn't fall out of a boat.

My wife and I rescued this little guy from drowning in a lake near our house. He's now the newest member of our family.

May 30, 2012

This was eating on our patio today...

I hate taking a million of the same pose pictures, so this is how I get my friends to stop asking me.

Definition of forever alone.

Professor Badass

So my dog ate a box of crayons.....

A Tibetan Engraved Skull

Wanted to take a picture with the new kitten - he fell asleep before the timer went off

She reacts like this when I make kiss noises.

Swedish soldiers spooning in Afghanistan, May 2012

May 29, 2012

Decided to go down to the pub to have a drink with, and for, the guys - cheers, mates

Real Mexican

My favorite text from dog

The effects of gay marriage.

Girlfriend forced me to watch 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. Apparently the producers are dumber than the cast.

…solution if you don’t like stairs

Fight to the death!

The fairest...

Fireworks by the Golden Gate bridge

May 27, 2012

My grandmother (black) and my grandfather (white) at their engagement party in 1957.

I went to the zoo today. Honey badger did indeed not give a fuck..

My friend is in a wheelchair, this was his costume at last night's party

The truth about Siri.

New donkey on the farm

That awkward moment when you realize your recycling bin inadvertently makes you look like the loneliest man in the world...

Me and Muhammad Ali from the late 70's

I guess nature really does provide for everything

How I feel when my cat gets no upvotes

May 26, 2012

Our McDonalds in town yesterday got bulldozed. Burger King found it quite humorous.

Mike Tyson's soft side

My friend is really proud of his body.

London. This just happened.

Trust me. I'm a lion.

Hilarious facebook status of a friend

Trust me. I'm a lion.

Good guy Drogba

When my Friends and I see each other at a Party

May 25, 2012

We're in trouble

Such a Joker


Can't I take a bath in peace??

early signs of not giving a fuck